Opening Times

Leicester Forest East Community Opening Times

Until Monday 24th May

The library is pleased to announce that it will be opening for our users to Click and Collect, Computer Use and Book and Browse from Wednesday 10th March 2021 at the following times:-

 Monday    2pm to 4pm  
 Wednesday 2pm to 4pm
 Thursday    2pm to 4pm
 Saturday     10am to Noon

We have all the Covid 19 regulations in place and a Face Covering should be worn at all times, unless exempt.  There are various hand sanitizers for your use around the library which should be used on entry and when you feel it necessary. 

We would also request that you log in when entering the library by either filling in the visitors form and you will be required to enter your departure time or by scanning the barcode.

Leicester Forest East Community Library Opening Times 

Starting Monday 24th May 2021

Leicester Forest East Community Library is contracted to provide a minimum of 21 opening hours per week. Initially we will fulfil that obligation but we aim to increase the opening hours year on year as volunteer numbers increase.

Please note that a Face Covering should still be worn unless exempt or having refreshments.  We would also request that you continue to use the Hand Sanitizers and log in when entering the library.

Our initial opening hours are:

Monday  2pm - 5pm

Tuesday -Closed all day

Wednesday 10am - 12 noon + 2pm - 7pm

Thursday 10am - 12 noon + 2pm - 5pm

Friday 2pm - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 1pm

Sunday Closed all day

Coffee, tea, etc., will be available for consuming on the premises or for take away. Pop along and try one!!

If you need to contact the Library the phone number is now 0116 233 6273

Registered Charity No. 1163963