We are pleased to announce the Winners of the July 2023 100 Club drawer that took place on Saturday 1st July.

1st prize    No. 59     Tara Pankhania

2nd prize    No. 37    Joan Faulkner

3rd prize    No. 20     Sue Kirby

Drawn by Georg...

We are pleased to announce the 100 Club Winners for June 2023

1st    No. 21    Lynn Ashton

2nd    No. 3    Pat Walker

3rd    No. 58    Supanna

Drawn on Saturday 3rd June 

Drawn by Teresa Robinson

Witnessed by Marilyn Pile

We aplogis...

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the May 100 Club albeit a little late.

1st prize    No. 35    Ann Cattle

2nd prize     No. 32     Jane Dowson

3rd prize    No. 37     Joan Faulkner

Drawn on Friday 5th May by Ge...

Our Afternoon Tea Event which was held in the library on Saturday 29th April in Celebration of King Charles 111 Coronation took a lot of organising and preparation by not only our Volunteers, but also a few generous library users, who baked some delicious tray bakes.  

The library has a commitment to open for 21 hours per week and we would like your opinions on what hours you would like us to be open on a Wednesday.

Option 1 8.30am to Noon, 2pm to 4.30pm and 6pm to 8pm

Option 2 10am to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm

Option 3 10am to Noon, 2pm to 5pm & 6pm to 8pm

The hours for...
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